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Vitality delivers swift and customized business solutions to the healthcare industry. Medical professionals and staff have numerous commitments each day focused on their patients. Taking time out for medical billing or records management can severely compromise the time spent on patient care. Additionally, the records may have errors or be filed late, leading to additional concerns.

Vitality supports the healthcare industry to achieve operational excellence, higher profit margins, and improved customer relations through top-notch services.

Professionals in the healthcare industry are inundated with several challenges while compiling and managing their medical records. These may be due to changes in policy regulations, guideline updates, documentation requirements, patient-record transparency, among others.

All current guidelines need to be adhered to while also being able to swiftly adapt to any new policy changes. Incorporating all these factors while also managing their job can be a huge task. Additionally, late filing of records, errors in claims etc. can lead to huge amounts of financial losses through the year.

Vitality helps the healthcare industry by taking over their entire medical billing and records department. We offer customized support solutions to numerous healthcare providers, big and small. With our business support solutions, clients can focus on what they do best while leaving all documentation and filing tasks to us.

Our team of experts works diligently in accomplishing all critical services such as medical coding, medical billing, medico-legal, medical transcription, medical records review and teleradiology.

Healthcare providers in the USA can also take advantage of the time-gap as our experts in India work 24*7 to process claims and update records at the earliest. Our scalable solutions ensure that we are able to efficiently handle increasing paperwork and cases with due diligence resulting in better collections and profit margins for your company.

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Mass Tort services in USA
Mass Tort services in USA


The legal industry plays a major role in numerous medical cases. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge and experience in various medico-legal cases such as Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Mass Tort.

Our highly-trained team provides invaluable assistance in analyzing, recording and summarizing medical records. Our medico-legal services include:

  • Creating and maintaining a chronological record of medical events to offer an insightful understanding of the case.
  • Drafting legal documents such as letters, summaries etc.
  • Creating a fact-based narrative summary about the patient’s medical history
  • Providing medical opinions and subject matter expertise on various subjects such as Orthopedics, General Medicine, Pharmacology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Recording and presenting a concise summary of medical billing records
  • Creating a brief and insightful summary of all legal proceedings for a quicker understanding of the facts of the case

By partnering with us, legal professionals can save on time and cost for every case filed. Our quick turnaround time and due diligence ensure that all cases will be swiftly and efficiently processed in due time.


When it comes to the insurance industry, high volumes of paperwork and data are generated that need to be carefully recorded and maintained for every claim. Insurance data in the medical field can comprise of patient files, audio-video recordings, legal files etc. Each record needs to be carefully collected and reviewed to be able to effectively process every case.

For medical companies, dealing with insurance investigators, maintaining records, and reviewing cases can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming. Several cases are left unclaimed because they were filed late or contained errors. By partnering with Vitality, all insurance paperwork and follow-up are immediately attended to by our team of experts.

We have highly skilled insurance experts that can compile records, check for missing information, analyse and summarise the case for a quick review to ensure each claim is processed timely.

We also understand the importance of confidentiality in all cases. We have stringent privacy and security guidelines in place at Vitality to ensure that all case information is kept private. All our procedures are also HIPAA compliant, ensuring utmost trust and capability.


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