Medical Billing & Collections / Revenue Cycle Management

The medical billing service / revenue cycle management service at Vitality is designed to enhance our client’s profitability by reducing overheads and improving financial collections. Our scalable solutions ensure that we can handle a high-volume of claims with utmost efficiency.

Vitality A/R Solutions helps lower your process costs and improve your cash flow. We specialize in enhancing the financial performance of our clients by handling EPM and clearing house rejections on time and rebilling with a maximum accuracy rate.

We believe in CLEAN billing solutions rather than handling DENIALS. More than 85% claims processed by us are paid within the first submission.

We do more than just submitting claims. Our superior technology and trained personnel allow for end-to-end revenue cycle management that takes-over all the time-consuming tasks associated with medical billing. Some of these include:

  • Appointment Scheduling & Patient Registration
  • Insurance Verification & Benefit Check
  • Coding, Demo & Charge Entry (or EMR)
  • Claims Transmission (Billing)
  • EPM and CH Rejections
  • Payment posting, Credit balance & Reconciliation
  • AR F/U & Denial Management
  • Patient Statements & Self-Pay Follow-up

Other Features

Customized and best medical billing services

Scalable solution capable of processing high-volumes of data

100% transparency

Constant accessibility

Reduced claim denials

Timely billing and proof-of-mailing

Specialist in No Fault and Workers’ Compensation billing

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