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Medical Records Review

What are medical records?

Medical records refer to the entire collection of medical documents associated with an individual. These include everything from the initial doctor’s visit to the lab test reports, hospital reports, yearly physicals etc. Based on the person’s medical history, the volume of their medical record file may be more or less. With numerous documents required for the individual’s accurate representation, medical chronology services are of utmost importance.

Importance and need of medical record review services

Medical record review companies offer a valuable service in ensuring a comprehensive collection of medical records which play an important role in a multitude of aspects. Hospitals and healthcare systems: Detailed and well-organized patient records are important to ensure proper treatment of the patient. By creating a detailed medical record audit, hospitals can easily review patient information as well as identify missing gaps in the documents to ensure utmost patient safety and quality treatment.

Medico-legal cases: Legal claims rely heavily on medical data to substantiate their evidence and win their case. A legal medical record review allows for concise and accurate summarization of medical records making it easier for lawyers to review pertinent information. Identify treatment inconsistencies: A comprehensive medical record review allows for better management of medical claims. Any inconsistencies in treatment suggested, medical billing or coding, can be identified faster. 

What do medical record review services include?

Medical record review companies provide a host of services that typically include the following:

  • Chronologically organizing all medical records for improved clarity of the timeline and person’s medical journey.
  • Transcribing physician notes or interviews along with an accurate interpretation of medical records.
  • Summarizing case history and creating a concise medical records audit checklist for easy review by lawyers and healthcare practitioners.
  • Identifying missing records and treatment inconsistencies based on clinical history.

Professional chronological and summarized medical record review services.

Medical chronology services form an important component of every medical claim. Lawyers often require a comprehensive and organized medical record analysis during the course of a workers’ compensation claim, insurance claim, or personal injury claims, among others.

Along with ensuring the availability of all medical records, the organization of these records is of paramount importance as well. Unorganized records can lead to missed information or confusion for the lawyers dealing with medical jargon. A chronologically organized medical chart review allows for clarity and easy review of all information. A professional medical record review outsourcing company, such as Vitality, can ensure a chronologically arranged and professionally summarized medical record review for attorneys

Medical Record Review services offered at Vitality include


Sorting & Organizing




Arranging in chronological order




Bookmarking and Tagging


OCR and word search capability

Top Medical Billing Services

IME Transcription


Bill Reviews

Common difficulties faced by clients in conducting in-house medical records review include:

  • Large volume of unorganised data
  • Lack of medical expertise
  • Accounting for other variables or responsible factors
  • Management and organisation of medical records
  • Extremely time-consuming impacting other work
  • Identifying missing data or records
  • Correctly processing complicated cases

Why choose Vitality for medical record review outsourcing?

Vitality offers a wide range of medical record review services including:

  • Sorting and indexing of medical records
  • Medical chronology services
  • Medical record summarization
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Request authorization
  • Case report creation and summary
  • Trial preparation
  • Medical data abstraction
  • Medical data management
  • Medical record retrieval

Professional medical records review and analysis are important for both the legal and healthcare domains. At Vitality, our experts review every medical record in utmost detail to create an accurate interpretation and case summary for every individual. Our integrity and work ethic have made us one of the most trusted medical record review companies in the industry.

The Vitality advantage

Customized services: Every organization may have specific requirements to be incorporated into their medical records. We provide completely customized medical record services that meet the strictest checklists. Quick turnaround times: With an extensive staff experienced in all aspects of this domain, we provide a faster turnaround time with accurate records.

Scalable solutions: An increase in workload does not faze us. Our teams are capable of handling large quantities of data without compromising on quality or accuracy. Accurate medical record review for attorneys: Our experts accurately interpret and transcribe all medical documents in a comprehensible manner for attorneys and legal professionals.

Specialized teams: We have expert personnel skilled in medical, technical, and legal domains.

Superior technology: We use state-of-the-art technology in our company allowing clients to easily access all information in a timely manner.

Competitive pricing: We partner with all our clients to create valuable relationships. We offer competitive pricing solutions for our services.

Staff in India and the US: Our dedicated teams work across time zones in India and the USA allowing us to take advantage of the time gap and boost productivity.

Medical record review outsourcing helps organizations enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their medical records. Well-organized documents empower healthcare professionals and lawyers to provide better service to their clients. By creating comprehensive and easily understandable medical record review for attorneys, legal teams save valuable time in preparing for their trials by having all the pertinent information at their fingertips.

This also allows for improved healthcare services that are in the best interest of the patient and streamline the treatment to save on the burden of rising healthcare costs by reducing the burden of unnecessary treatments.

Contact us today for comprehensive and accurate medical record review services by our expert professionals.

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Patient medical records sent by providers may contain high volumes of data without being arranged in an organized manner. Reviewing this entire file can be extremely time-taking and can make it difficult for a paralegal to identify critical aspects in a timely manner. Our medical chronology services organize, index, and summarise the documents accurately for easy referencing and improved patient care.

Yes. Our experts conduct a complete review of the medical claims submitted to you. The detailed process ensures accuracy at every stage ranging from determining patient eligibility, service necessity, and ensuring claim process compliance. We also check to maintain that all records are correctly billed and are error-free.

Our concise yet comprehensive medical case summary gives our clients an accurate and succinct overview of the entire case history. Our case summary includes all important points in the medical chart review along with quick indexing for instant references to detailed documents. Our case summary also checks for accurate or incomplete documents as well as determination of medical care standards provided.

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