Medical records review refers to the comprehensive assessment and analysis of a patients’ diagnosis, medical history and treatment. Our medical experts review, analyse and interpret all the critical details found in the medical records.

The in-depth scrutiny offered by our Medical Record Review services evaluates the quality and timeliness of medical care given to a patient. Additionally, they reduce the time required by medical-legal consultants allowing them to devote their efforts towards other important activities.

Vitality offers successful support for insurance firms, private corporation, law firms, case chart review firms, medical – legal consultation, physicians, independent medical examiners and other organizations

Medical Record Review services offered at Vitality include:

Sorting & Organizing


Arranging in chronological order


Bookmarking and Tagging

OCR and word search capability

IME Transcription

Bill Reviews

Common difficulties faced by clients in conducting in-house medical records review include:

  • Large volume of unorganised data
  • Lack of medical expertise
  • Accounting for other variables or responsible factors
  • Management and organisation of medical records
  • Extremely time-consuming impacting other work
  • Identifying missing data or records
  • Correctly processing complicated cases

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