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    Best Medical Scribe Services

    Vitality provides you with high-quality, physician-dedicated medical scribes that drastically reduces data entry and clerical works. A Virtual Medical Scribe eases the doctor’s burnout at their work as real-time data is captured by a virtual assistant and directly entered in to the EMR of practice during patient visit. This eliminates the presence of an assistant during the examination of the patient by the physician to enter each & every detail into EMR. Moreover, many patients object the presence of an assistant while they are being examined.

    The Providers shall have greater leverage and advantages using a Virtual Scribe as the medical documentation can be verified, monitored & immediate corrections can be done immediately if required.
    Vitality can offer practices with quality virtual/remote scribe solutions who can create charts real time and avoid the awkwardness of having an assistant present during examination.

    Workflow for Vitality’s medical scribe services

    Plan A ( Requirements )

    • A digital voice recorder for the physician to record the dictation at the end of each consultation or the doctor may choose to use a toll-free line to record the dictation.
    • A mic connected to the computer/laptop installed with Skype app or a smartphone installed with Skype app (the scribe will use Skype app for conversation with the physician).

    Plan B ( Requirements )

    • A smartphone installed with Skype app for communication between Scribe and physician.
    • A mic connected to the computer/laptop installed with Skype app, the scribe will be listening to the conversation between physician and patient via this mic.