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Provider Credentialing / Enrollment Services

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Credentialing is one aspect which ascertains the final aggregate of net revenue of any specialty or healthcare institutions. Many providers don’t realize that a successful enrollment process needs to be just as important as any other aspect of running a successful practice.

With state-of-the-art software platforms and experienced Credentialing Staff, Vitality can make the credentialing and the contracting process quick and easy for your practice. We work for Providers of all specialties throughout the country.

Our services are also a great fit for the companies who provide Billing Services for their clients but wish to concentrate on reimbursement activities and outsource the entire enrollment process.

Provider Credentialing

Speeding up the enrollment process with the payors allows you to get paid for services sooner. Whether you are starting a new practice, adding a new provider, changing practice locations, or breaking away from a group to become an individual practitioner, all requires new enrollment / credentialing services.

Credentials Management

Our staff ensures that they keep you credentialed as well as stay up to date with hospitals and insurers to maintain your revenue stream. All the expirable shall be proactively notified in advance and ensure all revalidations and re-attestations are done in a timely manner. The Credentialing platforms such as CAQH & PECOS shall be constantly updated if there are any changes in the Provider Information

Provider Enrollment

As much as Vitality helps in getting your practice credentialed with the payors, we also perform all the ERA’s, EFT’s are promptly set up to ensure hassle free transition to the billing departments.

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